Recommendation (at first signs/symptoms of migraine)

1/8th tsp ginger powder twice daily, e.g. add to yoghurt, smoothies or water to drink etc.

or 2 drops Lavender essential oil under nose so it can be inhaled over the next 20-30mins.

Note: if the oil causes skin irritation (which is rare), please discontinue use.

Results: studies show either can reduce migraine severity/duration in about 70% of cases.

How it works: positive effect on anti-nausea/inflammatory/anxiety/pain pathways in the body.

Side-benefits: according to the research regular ginger use may provide a wide-range of other potential health benefits (e.g. help with weight loss, osteoarthritis, indigestion, cholesterol).

References: healGB.com/migraine

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Feedback: if you try this approach and would like to provide feedback of your experience please email: feedback(at)healGB(dot)com